2017 Cross Country
Boys  Sectional Preview

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Note: As I say every year, this is just a projection. It's pretty much everyone's best Saratoga State Park times and some adjustments where I felt it was needed. I have no knowledge of runners that are out injured so I included just about everyone that has run but I have left out some runners that have been out for multiple weeks.

Boys: Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D

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Boys Class A - 12:00pm


What to Look For: Niskayuna has stood out as the top Class A team all season and is the favorite to win their first sectional title since 1981 based on their second place finish to Class B Burnt Hills last week at Suburbans. Bethlehem looks to be a solid second and could challenge Niskayuna with a solid race. Saratoga finished 6th last week at Suburbans, behind Shenendehowa and Guilderland but their top runner, Shea Weilbaker, either didn't run or dropped out (Saratoga only had six finishers in the race). With him in the race it jumps them up significantly but Shenendehowa and Guilderland will be there challenging for third. Individually, Saratoga's Shea Weilbaker is the favorite if he's running. He went sub 15 at the Burnt Hills Invy. Guilderland's Noah Tindale and Niskayuna's Donnovan Tucker are in the close race for second.



  Individuals     Team Scores Pts.  
1. Shea Weilbaker Saratoga Springs 1. Niskayuna 50  
2. Noah Tindale Guilderland 2. Bethlehem 76  
3. Donnovan Tucker Niskayuna 3. Saratoga Springs 102  
4. Tim Dwyer Ballston Spa 4. Shenendehowa 118  
5. Colin Ross Niskayuna 5. Guilderland 128  
6. Cameron Davis Bethlehem 6. Ballston Spa 176  
7. Matthew Cavaliere Bethlehem 7. Shaker 187  
8. Marty Dolan Niskayuna 8. Schenectady 200  
9. Alex Hislop Shenendehowa 9. Colonie 232  
10. Maazin Ahmed Schenectady 10. Columbia 240  
11. Jack Huber Bethlehem 11. Albany High 302  
12. Riley Grossman Bethlehem        
13. Joseph Quinn Niskayuna      
14. Nick Soldevere Guilderland      
15. Liam Hickey Shenendehowa      
16. Ben Guerin Ballston Spa      
17. Liam Danaher Columbia      
18. Anthony Verro Saratoga Springs      
19. T.J. Randall Shaker      
20. Thomas Ragone Niskayuna      
21. Max Heller Albany High      
22. Jared Craw Colonia      
23. Isaac Menis Schenectady      
24. Ezra Ruggles Saratoga Springs      
25. Joseph Hale Niskayuna      


Boys Class B - 12:30pm


What to Look For: After what Burnt Hills did at Suburbans last week, there is no doubt that they are a huge favorite to repeat as sectional champions with seven runners in the top nine in the race. Personally, I don't think they'll run as hard as they did last week to save a little for the rest of the season, but there's no one near them in the race. Queensbury looks like a solid second with Schalmont and Mohonasen battling it out for third. Individually, you can take your pick with any of the top four runners from Burnt Hills. Aidan Gillooley won Suburbans last week the Tyler Berg right with him at the finish. Schalmont's Francisco and Antonio Beltran could challenge them with a strong race.



  Individuals     Team Scores Pts.  
1. Aidan Gillooley Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake 1. Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake 17  
2. Tyler Berg Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake 2. Queensbury 74  
3. Evan Brennan Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake 3. Schalmont 121  
4. David Metcarpa Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake 4. Mohonasen 128  
5. Francisco Beltran Schalmont 5. Scotia-Glenville 129  
6. Antonio Beltran Schalmont 6. South Glens Falls 166  
7. Nick Hunziker Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake 7. Averill Park 179  
8. Kevin Board Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake 8. LaSalle 193  
9. Michael Meesere Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake 9. C.B.A. 228  
10. Kevin Bouyea Queensbury 10. Amsterdam 300  
11. Frank Triolo South Glens Falls 11. Troy 305  
12. Brian Beyerbach Queensbury 12. Hudson Falls 316  
13. Cody Metcalfe Queensbury        
14. Nathan Belcastro Mohonasen        
15. Dante Ubriaco Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake        
16. Nate Nagle South Glens Falls        
17. Nathan Tabbert Scotia-Glenville        
18. Nick Logan Queensbury        
19. Cowen Leininger South Glens Falls        
20. Colin Swain Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake        
21. Kevin Sherameta Mohonasen      
22. Kyle Ostrander Scotia-Glenville      
23. Logan Short Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake      
24. Trevor Dzikowicz Amsterdam      
25. Nick Sponzo Queensbury      


Boys Class C - 11:00am


What to Look For: Defending sectional champion Albany Academy is the solid favorite to repeat with five runners in the top ten. Ichabod Crane and Schuylerville should challenge for runner-up but  you never know with Class C when there are so many teams and runners there is a lot of room for moving up and down. Individually, Chris Hughes of Glens Falls is the favorite. Hughes won the Class B title last year and is currently the top ranked Class C runner in the state according to tullyrunners. Next three runners; Albany Academy's Alex Foyt and Marcus O'Leary and Voorheesville's Evan Ensslin should fight it out for second place.


  Individuals     Team Scores Pts.  
1. Chris Hughes Glens Falls 1. Albany Academy 30  
2. Alex Foyt Albany Academy 2. Ichabod Crane 127  
3. Evan Ensslin Voorheesville 3. Schuylerville 139  
4. Marcus O'Leary Albany Academy 4. Stillwater 198  
5. Joe Yusaitis Stillwater 5. Broadalbin-Perth 221  
6. Nick Graziano Albany Academy 6. Catholic Central 221  
7. Ethan Burch Schuylerville 7. Greenville 222  
8. Conners O'Brien Albany Academy 8. Voorheesville 235  
9. Nick Roy Stillwater 9. Fonda-Fultonville 241  
10. Chris Verstandig Albany Academy 10. Mechanicville 246  
11. Manuel Calvo Greenville 11. Cobleskill-Richmondville 274  
12. Max Dwyer Schuylerville 12. Johnstown 278  
13. Alex Christian Ichabod Crane 13. Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk 278  
14. Shane Viscosi Fonda-Fultonville 14. Glens Falls 291  
15. Spencer Daley Catholic Central 15. Cohoes 311  
16. Vishal Hada Albany Academy 16. Catskill 366  
17. David Millard Mechanicville 17. Cairo-Durham 375  
18. Jared Spring Greenville 18. Corinth 453  
19. Dylan Oliva Mechanicville 19. Tamarac 529  
20. Michael Vecellio Ichabod Crane 20. Hudson 537  
21. Micah Smith Broadalbin-Perth        
22. Aiden Scott Hoosick Falls        
23. Gabe Cole Johnstown        
24. Jay Madan Albany Academy        
25. Christian Carr Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk      


Boys Class D - 11:30am


What to Look For: With five of their runners in the top fifteen, Maple Hill looks to be a big favorite to win their second sectionals title in three years. Hadley-Luzerne has been solid all season and look strong for second place. there is a big group out there fighting for third with last year's champs, North Warren/Johnsburg, Duanesburg, Saratoga Catholic, and Greenwich should all be in the mix. Individually, North Warren/Johnsburg's Brandon Olden is the favorite as he over 20 seconds ahead of the rest of the pack but he did not run at the Adirondack League championships. Behind him are a tight pack of five runners that are all ten second within of each other With Saratoga Catholic's Kevin Cronin, Duanesburg's Andrew Drescher, Canajoharie/Fort Plain's Andrew Yacobucci, and Maple Hill's Noah Albanese and Nathan Mannion all in the mix.


  Individuals     Team Scores Pts.  
1. Brandon Olden North Warren/Johnsburg 1. Maple Hill 46  
2. Kevin Cronin Saratoga Catholic 2. Hadley-Luzerne 99  
3. Noah Albanese Maple Hill 3. North Warren/Johnsburg 134  
4. Andrew Drescher Duanesburg 4. Duanesburg 135  
5. Nathan Mannion Maple Hill 5. Saratoga Catholic 146  
6. Andrew Yacobucci Canajoharie/Fort Plain 6. Greenwich 151  
7. Henry Goca Rensselaer/Doane Stuart 7. Canajoharie/Fort Plain 180  
8. Boone Lynch Duanesburg 8. Lake George 240  
9. Andrew Foley Hadley-Luzerne 9. Berlin 240  
10. Ken Mulvey North Warren/Johnsburg 10. Hoosic Valley 289  
11. Thatcher Deyoe Maple Hill 11. Galway 314
12. Sam Grimmke Greenwich 12. Schoharie 345  
13. Quinn Pratico Maple Hill 13. Hawthorne Valley 372  
14. Matthew Riordan Maple Hill 14. Chatham 389  
15. Nathaniel Hartley Hadley-Luzerne 15. OESJ 401  
16. Ben Corey Hoosic Valley 16. Argyle/Fort Edward 407  
17. Seamus Tomb North Warren/Johnsburg 17. Mayfield 418  
18. Erick Schreiner Hadley-Luzerne 18. Rensselaer/Doane Stuart 423  
19. Nick Rollo Lake George 19. Warrensburg/Bolton 437  
20. Josh Hendericks Berlin 20. Mekeel Christian 475  
21. Collin Douglas Berlin 21. Granville 508  
22. Matt Rose Hoosic Valley        
23. Caleb Jeralds Chatham        
24. Michael Hoffman Canajoharie/Fort Plain        
25. Jon Fraser Hadley-Luzerne