2018 Cross Country
Girls Sectional Preview

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Note: As I say every year, this is just a projection. It's pretty much everyone's best Saratoga State Park times and some adjustments where I felt it was needed. I have not included any new runners that teams have added but I may have adjusted team scores if I have an accurate guess on where to put them.

Girls: Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D

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Girls Class A - 11:30am


What to looks for: Saratoga's 16 year win streak was broken last year but they will be the slight favorite in a tight four team race with Niskayuna, Bethlehem, and last year's champion, Shenendehowa. It will most likely depend on the strength of their 4th and 5th runner's strength. Saratoga gets the slightest favorite tag right now but it is too tight to give anyone a real edge. Individually, Saratoga's Kelsey Chmiel already hold the Saratoga State Park course record and is the big favorite. Ballston Spa's Faith Demars looks to be a solid 2nd.



Top 20 Class A Returning Individuals

1. Kelsey Chmiel Saratoga Springs 11. Alexandria Vellekoop Guilderland
2. Faith Demars Ballston Spa 12. Luccabella Hotaling Shenendehowa
3. Rachel Hodge Bethlehem 13. Gillian Roeder Bethlehem
4. Ciara Knott Saratoga Springs 14. Kaleigh Higgins Shaker
5. Liyat Kebbede Niskayuna 15. Jade Dennis Shenendehowa
6. Riley Davis Bethlehem 16. Abigail Thomas Niskayuna
7. Kathryn Tenney Colonie 17. Natalie Penna Albany High
8. Hannah Belleville Shenendehowa 18. Emily Smith Bethlehem
9. Charlotte Kokernak Niskayuna 19. McKinley Wheeler Saratoga Springs
10. Jada Dennis Shenendehowa 20. Sophia Boler Niskayuna


Class A Team Preview

PL School Pts. Brief Summary of team
1. Saratoga Springs 72 Having the #2 runner in the nation is a good start, rest of the team a combo of  seniors and younger runners
2. Niskayuna 74 Kebbe and Kokernak are solid top 10 runners. Rest of team needs to be a little bit closer to the top 2
3. Shenendehowa 75 Lost a lot but still very deep with Belleville and the Dennis' leading. Can definitely repeat
4. Bethlehem 83 Hodge and Davis are a solid top two but need that 5th spot to close the gap if they want a shot at the title
5. Guilderland 141 Vellekoop leads in the mid 18's but 4th and 5th runners need to close the 1-5 gap
6. Shaker 181 Higgins leads and was just under 19 min. 4th and 5th need to get under 20 min. to improve team
7. Colonie 212 Tenney is a solid number one, everyone else is over 20 min. but new runners could help
8. Ballston Spa 227 Demars is one of the top runners but rest of team need to drop, especially their 4th and 5th
9. Columbia 240 Matthews and Farnan in the 19's but rest of team need to close the gap to them
10. Albany High 277 Penna and Stich in 19's are a big help but everyone else is more than 3 minutes behind
11. Queensbury 281 No one under 20 min so teams needs to pack it in better than where they are right now to move up
12. Amsterdam 324 Losing state qualifier Lazarou is huge. Satiago and Sondrup only ones under 21 min.
13. Schenectady 382 Only 5 runners return. 4th and 5th runners over 27 min. each and need improvements there
14. Troy inc. No one returns. Need to work on reloading team


Girls Class B - 12:00pm


What to looks for: Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake edged out Mohonasen last year for the title but Mohonasen returns everyone and is the early favorite to win their first sectional championship. Burnt Hills won't give up their four year reign that easily though  but right now Mohonasen's back end looks a little bit stronger but it won't be an easy win. Rory Graham of Burnt Hills is the defending champion and is favored to repeat with teammate Emily Berg and Mohonasen's Kate and Anna Sherman to challenge her. Holy Names' Isabel Vogel could sneak in.


Top 20 Class B Returning Individuals

1. Rory Graham-Sr. Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake 11. Maddy Smith-So. Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake
2. Kate Sherman-So. Mohonasen 12. Livingston Ottman-Fr. Holy Names
3. Emily Berg-Fr. Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake 13. Natalia Sawyer-Fr. Mohonasen
4. Anna Sherman-Sr. Mohonasen 14. Christa Bailey-Jr. Mohonasen
5. Isabel Vogel-Fr. Holy Names 15. Delaney Krough-So. Scotia-Glenville
6. Emma Sinisgalli-Jr. Mohonasen 16. Daley Jo Christman-Sr. Gloversville
7. Skylar Dailey-Jr. Emma Willard 17. Madi Whited-So. Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake
8. Katie Culliton-Jr. Glens Falls 18. Olivia Wheeler-Jr. Scotia-Glenville
9. Mya June-So. Schalmont 19. Courtney DiCarlo-So. Scotia-Glenville
10. Emily Pahl-Sr. Schalmont 20. Nikki Dugan-Jr. Scotia-Glenville


Class B Team Preview

PL School Pts. Brief Summary of team
1. Mohonasen 39 Have the team to win it all with the Sherman's leading the way. Will want 4th and 5th to close gap
2. Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake 51 Graham and Berg are solid top two but need their 4th and 5th to drop under 20 minutes to win it all
3. Scotia-Glenville 95 Good 1-5 spread but will need a little more depth to hold on for 3rd
4. Holy Names 122 Vogel and Ottman are both in the 19's but everyone else is over 22 min. and team to drop times
5. Schalmont 129 Good top two with June and Pahl but need more depth as everyone else is over 21 min.
6. Emma Willard 153 Dailey is solid number one in the 19's rest are over 3 minutes behind and need to improve
7. South Glens Falls 164 No one under 21 min. and need 4th and 5th to close the 1-5 gap to move up
8. Glens Falls 177 Culliton in the 19's is a solid #1 but rest of team is over 3 min. behind and need to close the gap
9. Averill Park 206 Myers only runner under 22 min. but new runners could help improvement from the team
10. Lansingburgh 305 Four returning runners and no one under 25 minutes so they'll need improvements
11. Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons inc. Only three runners back with non one under 23 minutes
  Gloversville inc. Only three runners back. Christman a good start running just over 20 min.


Girls Class C - 12:30pm


  What to looks for: Greenwich moves up to Class C but it may actually help them when they get to states. All five returning runners are in the top 10 and shouldn't have much of a problem winning sectionals. The real battle will be for 2nd place with Greenville, Schuylerville, Ichabod Crane, Voorheesville, and Cobleskill-Richmondville all having a solid shot at the runner-up spot. Greenville has the edge for now with three runners in the top 20. Individually, Greenwich's Brynne Wright is the only runner under 18 minutes and is the favorite. Greenville's Tess Fitzmaurice and Greenwich's Emma Cronin are the only other two runners under 19 minutes.


Top 20 Class C Returning Individuals

1. Brynne Wright Greenwich 11. Rachel Comstock Cobleskill-Richmondville
2. Tess Fitzmaurice Greenville 12. Brooke Wright Greenwich
3. Emma Cronin Greenwich 13. Cate Tomson Albany Academy
4. Teagan Wright Greenwich 14. Annabel Gregg Greenwich
5. Sunni LaBounty Schuylerville 15. Anika Parnell Corinth
6. Quinn Collins Greenwich 16. Alexandrea Goyette Greenville
7. Mariem Sayahi Voorheesville 17. Khalifah Tracey Greenville
8. Gabrielle Larsen Broadalbin-Perth 18. Samantha Murphy Broadalbin-Perth
9. Anya Vautrin Schuylerville 19. Victoria Slade Ichabod Crane
10. Emily Skiff Greenwich 20. Gabrielle Myers Cairo-Durham


Class C Team Preview

PL School Pts. Brief Summary of team
1. Greenwich 24 Moving up to "C"'s doesn't change much. Should win big. Brynne Wright is only runner under 18 min.
2. Greenville 111 Fitzmaurice is under 19 min but will want 4th and 5th to close the gap to hold on to 2nd.
3. Schuylerville 130 LaBounty and Vautrin are both top 10 runners, need more depth from their 5th spot to move up to 2nd.
4. Ichabod Crane 172 Slade and Wall are both in the 20's but need 4th and 5th runners to close the gap
5. Voorheesville 181 Sayahi is in the 19's but rest are over 21 min. and need to improve to close the 1-5 gap
6. Cobleskill-Richmondville 187 Comstock is in the 20's but need their 4th and 5th to drop under 22 min. to move up
7. Albany Academy 210 Tomson is in the mid 20's. Will want 3-5 to drop under 22 min. to move up to top 3
8. Broadalbin-Perth 236 Larsen and Murphy were both in the 20's but only have 4 return. New runners can help the team move up
9. Chatham 242 Gregg is in the high 20's but 5th runner is over 23 min. and need to close the gap to their top 4
10. Mechanicville 245 Fitzgerald is in the high 20's but 4th and 5th need to close the gap to their top 3
11. Corinth 252 Parnell leads in the mid 20's but 4th and 5th are over 23 min. Need to close the gap to their top 3 runners
12. Cairo-Durham 307 Myers and Ivery are both in the mid 20's but rest of the team is 4 minutes back and need to close the gap
13. Johnstown 340 Romano and Preston lead in the high 21's. Other two returnees are over 23 min. and need improvements
14. Fonda-Fultonville 357 Clear is just over 21 min and leads the team. 4th and 5th are over 28 min. but new runners should help
15. Cohoes 362 Only four return in the 22's and 23's. Could move up with improvements
16. Fort Plain/Canajoharie 380 Stockwell in low 22's lead but 4th and 5th are over 27 min. and may need new blood to improve
17. Granville/Whitehall 407 Eggleston is in the mid 21's but rest of the team are over 26 min. and need to see improvements
18. Catskill inc. Only return three with Smith and Asif are both in the 22's
  Coxsackie-Athens inc. Baxter is the only returning runner and was in the mid 24's last year
  Hoosick Falls inc. three return with McDonald in the low 24's leading the team
  Hudson inc. Three return led by Dellavechia in the mid 20's.
  Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk inc. Only two return with Tourangeau in the high 20's
  Rensselaer/Doane Stuart inc. Two return with Davies leading in the mid 24's
  Stillwater inc. Three return but Locci and Urbanki are a solid top two
  Taconic Hills inc. Two return with Madsen top runner in the high 20's
  Tamarac inc. Three return led by Barcomb in the mid 22's
  Watervliet inc. Starting over with new runners


Girls Class D - 11:00am


What to looks for: With Greenwich moving up, Duanesburg moves back down and is the favorite to win with a solid 1-2 punch of Elaine Atanasova and Jen Skeeter and two more runners in the top 20.  Berlin looks to be the only one that can challenge with three in the top 20 but need their top five to move up more to challenge. Hoosic Valley could be a deep sleeper with a couple of talented runners moving up from modified. Individually, Mayfield's Madison Relyea is the top returning runners but Duanesburg's Atanasova and Skeeter are the closest to challenge her for the title.



Top 20 Class D Returning Individuals

1. Madison Relyea-So. Mayfield 11. Caroline Mundell-Jr. Berne-Knox-Westerlo
2. Elaine Atanasova-Sr. Duanesburg 12. Hanna Avery-Sr. Duanesburg
3. Jen Skeeter-Sr. Duanesburg 13. Kailey Gayton-Fr. Hartford
4. Carolyn Burnell-Sr. Hoosic Valley 14. Lauren Maher-Jr. Saratoga Catholic
5. Angelina Pusateri-8th Maple Hill 15. Elise Corbett-8th Berlin
6. Michelle Puzulis-So. Berne-Knox-Westerlo 16. Alice Cole-Sr. Duanesburg
7. Madison Lilienthal-Jr. Mekeel Christian 17. Brady Hills-Fr. Berlin
8. Isabelle Gulick-Jr. Argyle/Fort Edward 18. Taylor Suprenant--Sr. Argyle/Fort Edward
9. Katie Cronin-Fr. Saratoga Catholic 19. Haley Chaykowski Jewett-Sr. Berlin
10. Sarah Mattfeld-So. Catholic Central 20. Natalie Zembsch-Sr. Galway


Class D Team Preview

PL School Pts. Brief Summary of team
1. Duanesburg 54 Atanasova and Skeeter and solid top two. Will want 3rd-5th to tighten the gap though
2. Berlin 88 Solid 1-5 gap of 46 seconds but will need to see the times drop if they want to challenge for the title
3. Catholic Central 142 Mattfield leads the team in the mid 21's but need their 4th and 5th to drop under 23 min. to close gap
4. Berne-Knox-Westerlo 157 Puzulis leads the team in the high 19's but need their 4th and 5th to close the gap to their top 3
5. Maple Hill 167 Pusateri is a solid #1 in the mid 19's. Rest of the team are over 22 min. and need to close the gap
6. Argyle/Fort Edward 170 Gulick leads the team in the mid 20's. Need 3rd-5th runners to close the gap
7. North Warren/Johnsburg 197 Anderson leads team in the mid 22's with a bunch in the 23's and need to move closer to Anderson
8. Hoosic Valley 204 Burnell is a solid #1 in mid 19's. Team can vastly improve with some new runners moving up
9. Saratoga Catholic 206 Cronin is in the high 20's and Maher in the mid 21's but rest of team over 23 min. and have to improve
10. Hartford 208 Gayton leads in the mid 21's but 3rd-5th are over 24 min. and need to improve
11. Schoharie 224 Kosier and Cater are in the mid 22's but 4th and 5th are over 5 min. and need to drop times
12. Galway 226 Zembesch leads the team in the low 22's but 3rd-5th need to drop under 24 min. to close the gap
13. Lake George 271 McDermid leads the team in the mid 22's but 3rd-5th are over 25 min. and need to drop times
14. Hadley-Luzerne inc. Cook is the only runner returning
  Mayfield inc. Only two runners but Relyea is the top returning runner in the class.
  Mekeel Christian inc. Only two return with Lilienthal leading the team in the low 20's
  OESJ inc. Mumford is the only returning runner