Looking for help, if you don't mind

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      For over twenty years I've been running the Section 2 Harrier website and have never asked for much. Results at a timely manner, dual meet scores Tuesday night, updates for track leaderboards, that's about it.

     Now I am looking for help. I haven't asked for any since cross country season of 2019 and I'm asking again. Basically I'm looking to recover costs of running the website, domain name, and all of that other stuff and at the same time I've kept intrusive ads off of the site so you don't have to watch Rocket Mortgage commericials.

    Many of you helped out in previous years and it was greatly appreciated but I could use it again if you don't mind.

    Sorry, no tote bags but I'll put up a page naming all of the donors (unless you want to be listed as anonymous) and I won't divulage how much you donated. So anything you can chip in will be greatly appreciated.

     If you can help out you can click the Pay Pal link and donate, it would be a big help. You can also send by Venmo @coachemon. If you don't want to use Pay Pal or Venmo and would like to send a donation you can send it to:


Venmo: @coachemon


Jonathan Broderick

711 Western Ave.

Albany, N.Y. 12203


     Any questions, just let me know.


     Thank You and let me know if you have any questions,

           Jonathan Broderick